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2020-05-10    21:56

Do you even read the comments??

2020-05-10    21:50

Thanks for the great information and great history masterpiece you offered us free and lovely to read but as a reader I have some recomendations:
First it could be better that you provided Persian version of all these notes
Second It would be better that you used persian spellings for Darius that we say Dariush or Cyrus Kourosh then we would understand it better and better
Third I think we should respect others thoughts and beliefs about ther religion or anything as The Great Kourosh did and he respected all peoples and all cultures
And by the way I Say Thank you again wish you and our country and people great Luck and Bright Future

2020-04-19    01:47

Thank you for the amazing work. I am so pleased that you offer a comment area as you've given the capability of freedoms of speech which correlates with zoroastrianism.

I see a lot of comments from Muslims about how unfair your content is, but with great respect to them I say everything is sourced here and yes Islam does have some great sides but what matters is people are not aware of the darker side, just like how many believe zoroastrianism is worshiped through fire!

I've happily advertised this website to family and friends and those of different religion to me whom I have discussion (friendly) with to give them valid sources.

To all Muslims, Jews and Christians I understand how content like such could hurt you but I urge you to look at your religion from another perspective without being bias and study your religion from an unbiased perspective.

2020-03-30    10:55

Amazing website!

Thank you! Thank you for this truly remarkable encyclopedic platform and for uncovering the ignored and the forgotten history, attributes and a long list of grand achievements of the Persians and our rich culture, including equality, human rights, governance, science, medicine, literature, architecture and arts. In a time, where the Persian culture, and Persian values have been imprisoned by Islamic rule, it is very important to educate the world and primarily young Iranians about their true Persian identity and their Persian roots. The Persians will someday rise again and they will liberate Iran from the Islamic tyranny and they will once again reinstate their ancestral Persian culture.

2020-03-01    01:15

Please secure this website by changing the html to SSL HTTPS, it is very unsafe!!!

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2020-01-01    00:00

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2019-11-16    06:01

WoW, great Page!

Monika Dahncke   
2019-10-25    09:46

Please, indicate who and where you are.

Sobia Mahmood   
2019-10-15    19:44

i read your article of "Historical Women" in Persia as i was researching regarding an assignment. i couldn't help but noticing your highly prejudiced and biased approach towards Islam. I was deeply disturbed by this and would suggest that you do a through research on the "status of women in Islam". there are two sides to every story, and I humbly request you to research upon reliable and unbiased resources regarding the status of women in Islam.

Ardeshir Arian   
2019-09-11    00:09

I'm so proud to see somebody did so much work and program this website. Great Work!!!!

Cavalier Arpino   
2019-07-21    09:26

Regardless of some of the negative comments I've read here about this site, I must say that it is both highly attractive and generally informative. Thank you very much for putting together this interesting and engaging website. : )

Jonathan Hecht   
2019-04-25    01:32

I happily stumbled upon this fabulous website when casually searching for examples of powerful Persian women in the classical era. I am very impressed by this site, and I will recommend it to another friend of mine who also is interested in Persian history. I have had an enduring interest in history for a long time, and was already acquainted with the rise of Persia and the "Persian Bill of Rights" as well as the first monotheist tradition of Zoroastrianism and the personages of Artemisia of Caria (both the Persian naval commander and her descendant Artemisia of Caria II who built the great Mausoleum of Mousollos.) In this beautiful and informative site has again rekindled my interest in continuing reading on the history of Persia and her peoples, and it is filled with many things I did not know. In truth I rarely believe a singular source on many things and so I am going to check on some of the claims found here, though of many I can already say they are what I have already found elsewhere. So I appreciate doubly both the new kindled interest and the roadmap of history to verify (I am a carpenter, not an historian, but classical history is a passion of mine, especially when it is not Eurocentric!)
Thank you and all the contributors to this wonderful resource. May Persepolis rise again as people like you breathe new life into the stories near lost to time and ignorance.

2019-04-24    15:56

Sample of my artwork:


2019-04-24    15:35

I am Meysam Keshavarz, Digital Artist
I reconstructed Persepolis and other monuments of Iran
Some of my old artworks on this site
Please tell me about this site, who are you and where are you?
Let me have an email to communicate , because I can send you my latest artworks that have a much better quality.
See latest sample of my artworks here:

من میثم کشاورز هستم، دیجیتال آرتیست
من تخت جمشید و بناهای تاریخی دیگر ایران رو بازسازی کردم
از بعضی ار آثار قدیمی من در این سایت استفاده کردین
لطفا در مورد این سایت و هدفتون بفرمایید و این که کی و کجا هستین
یک ایمیل به من بدین تا راه ارتباطی داشته باشیم چون من میتونم آخرین آثارم رو که کیفیت بسیار بهتری داره براتون بفرستم
نمونه آخرین کارهام رو اینجا ببینید:

Tang Chee Wah   
2019-04-01    14:00

Your explanation of the Bible also written with wrong verses (please refer to King James Version) in article 'Religious Discrimination' - Abraham God and Women, are totally wrong, miles away from the real meaning. Thank you.

2019-03-31    14:14

Thank You very much for this amazing website with amazing information and pictures. I'll advertise this website as much as I can.

2019-03-25    01:11

What a beautiful website!
Keep up the good work.

Anahita Namavar   
2019-02-08    18:34

This is a wonderful site. I have been writing and researching the women of Persian Empure for many years. This is a wonderful outlet to share the truth. I've even written a screenplay about that time.

2020-03-30    10:55

Amazing website!

Thank you! Thank you for this truly remarkable encyclopedic platform and for uncovering the ignored and the forgotten history, attributes and a long list of grand achievements of the Persians and our rich culture, including equality, human rights, governance, science, medicine, literature, architecture and arts. In a time, where the Persian culture, and Persian values have been imprisoned by Islamic rule, it is very important to educate the world and primarily young Iranians about their true Persian identity and their Persian roots. The Persians will someday rise again and they will liberate Iran from the Islamic tyranny and they will once again reinstate their ancestral Persian culture.

2018-06-21    10:59

Zoroastrians were one of the earliest persecutors of other religion slaughtering Christians and also persecuting other religions as evidenced by inscriptions of clerics like Kartir.

Most people don't know that jizya was earlier a collective tax which became an individual tax based on taxes levied by Zoroastrians on Christians in Iran.

Zoroastrianism is well-known to denounce other religions as false and evil against which the good is at war. This charade of glorifying Zoroastrianism and ignoring crimes of its adherents should stop.

2016-10-24    22:34

I'm Iranian who is related to a native Zoroastrian on my father's side of the family. I live in Canada and western media made me feel really ashamed of my country. For years I was running away from my heritage and I almost lost sight of who I was. I also happen to be a millennial (Gen Y, to be exact).

I never realized how incredibly rich and beautiful Iranian/Persian history is. There were so many things about Iran I didn't know of, and now after going through your webpage and looking at all the artwork, I feel really proud to be from this country. I want to thank you for educating me on my heritage and reminding me of who I am.

My hope is that your website reaches to more young Iranians out there who are my age; who feel lost, alone and ashamed. I want them to see Persepolis and realize how much there is to be proud of.

2016-09-29    13:35

Hi there,

My name is Mahtab and I am a very proud highly educated Persian Woman who has been brave enough to follow her Ladies ancestries who have believed on their capabilities to create history by standing up for themselves.
I am very grateful and appreciated your hard work on creating such an amazing and informative web site.
I would like to mention that this web site means huge to me and I am so trilled that I came across it by accident.

Ba dorod va sepas,

Dr. Mahtab Lahijany

2016-07-18    21:38

Hi, I am Shahrokh from Iran - Hamedan.
And thank you for the information you provided.

Daniel Levie   
2016-07-17    16:38

I am from the occidental temple of the wise lord. We are a Mazdan temple. I really like your site and appreciate your insights. Feel free to contact me. Ushta!

2016-07-11    23:21

Dorud bar shoma!
What a wonderfull discovery to find this website. Vaghan khaste nabashid baroye zahmad keshidane shoma.
Ever since travelling to Iran for the first time 10 years ago and having lived there for 4 years, it has been an amazing journey into true Persian culture and identity. Unfortunately many people (even Iranians) are ignorant about Iranian traditions which can show they way to better understanding among people. We should all strive towards Good Thinking, Speaking and especially Acting. Renouncing evil to return to the light.

I hope to contribute for many years to building bridges and crossing borders. It would be nice to work on this together!


Dr. Amira Sr.   
2016-07-01    15:19

I would like to ask you publish my article on your site. the article reflects a personal experience of me a member of a religious society. The article discusses the effects of sharia and Quran on the prespectives from wich islamic societies assess women.

Here is part of the article:

Quran, in many sentences, talk about great, intelligent and God worshipping women. Non‐the‐less, the Arabic Bedouin traditions, who detested womankind and considered them a burden and disgrace, reproduced an adapted version of revealed religion, to enforce their unfair rules on God's well. Amazingly the mighty creator demonstrates his brilliance in many strong wise women leaders, scientists and artists. As Koran states,

"Verily, when He (Allah) intends a thing, His Command is, "be", and it is!" Sura Ya Sin (Ya Sin, Ya‐Seen) 36:82

The vulgar mentality of Arabic peninsula's Bedouin society tribes could never defeat the smart and genius universe constructor.

In ancient Arabic peninsula's Bedouin society, families used to bury their newborn girls alive, women had no rights neither of inheritance, leadership nor for self‐determination. Islam came and forbid many of such practices, but never went up to equity of women and men as in some ancient civilizations who gave women position and rights as equal as men...

Halit Gursoy   
2016-05-24    03:23

I loved this. Job well done! Thanks a lot.

Darius Amiri   
2016-03-20    19:15

Nowrozetan Tabrik!

Alexandra Razaghi-Warner   
2016-02-29    17:56

Thank you for such beautiful history and writing. Would have this available in hard copy for purchase?

Yazad Karkaria   
2016-02-28    17:01

I can not express how happy I was to see such a rich source of information on Ancient Iran available with fabulous illustrations.

My hearty congratulations to you for undertaking this and may God give you all the courage and resources you need to continue this good work.

I am based in India and please let me know if I can help in any way.

Keep it up!!!
Yazad Karkaria

2016-02-26    05:49

Your posts are very bigoted and completely one sided. I can tell you're an ultra-nationalist and believe that everything pre-Islamic Persians did was perfect, but we both know that even they had their own problems. No matter how "free" their subjects were , just as in all empires, rebellions were common, so please stop trying to portray ancient Persia as the paragon of the Classical world.

As for your comments on Arabs and how Islam brought the downfall of the Persian people, well, someone as ignorantly racist as you obviously cannot see the benefits it also brought. I'm not saying that injustices weren't taking place, but every civilization and religion has its fair share of wrong doers. I know you want to hold on to the Romanticized idea of Persia and what it stood for, but bashing on an entire religion and people doesn't show much character. I really hope you educate yourself

2016-02-19    02:12

به نام یگانه خداوند پاک
درود و سپاس فروان به تمامی گردآوردگان
حقیقت پشت ابر نخواهد ماند
آگاهی، توان و انگیزه ای خواهد بود
برای تغییر و رستاخیز
MSD 2016

Jean Stanley   
2016-02-18    17:21

Hello Im looking into my family history and wondered if you would have any information regarding who my great grandmother would of been my grandfather Henry O'Grady married a Persian Princess and they lived in Lucknow India. I know that persians lived there through that time they were called the bagum of oudh...how could I find more infomation on who my grandmother would of been.


Darius Amiri   
2016-02-08    23:11

Dorood Mani jaan!

I would like to ask you if you could put more information about eastern Iranian tribes, stories etc as well here on Persepolis.nu

Best Regards,

Darius Amiri

2015-12-15    21:05

Dorud, dear friends! Thank You for such a wonderful site dedicated to the Zoroastrian faith and Persian culture! I'm interesting in Zoroastrian philosophy & vision of life. You make a great deal! God bless You!

2015-12-11    05:52

I just wanted to convey my deepest appreciation for your effort and hard work.

Many Thanks!

2015-11-07    15:12

A beautiful and excellent work and very informative! Thank you very much for enlightening me. I will have to tell people about it because, so much is kept secret from us these days.

Best wishes and much respect!


Anooshiravan Bozorgmehr   
2015-09-06    14:51

Thank you for the great work of yours! Once we play the role of a historian, all the prodigious and personal feelings should be put aside. You have mostly done a great job. The Pahlavi dynasty did many great things for their country!!! and were truly Iran lovers, but Reza khan was installed by the Britain on the second attempt and his amazing beautiful hearted, Iran loving son in two sessions. They were both taken down by the "employers" , as one British politician once stated, when the geopolitical games had shifted. Although this was a great loss for our nation, but the powers to be did not want to see us "Great" again! Their only fault was that like Mobarak, and others, knowingly and unknowingly they were the employees of the empire of our time. We need to realize that and just like Cyrus the great learn to love All the Iranians, no matter what their religious beliefs or needs are. Unconditional love for our people is what Ahoura Mazda would suggest. Only through unity and love for all we can become united and great again!

Kuriakose Varkey   
2015-08-25    05:14

Thanks for this excellent website. One thought I have now is that Iran ( Meaning people of IRan not the Govt) should consider Jews as friends and end the hatred if any towards Jews. The treatment Israel give to Palestinians can still be opposed and condemned.

But like the Persian Jews have also suffered worldwide under various regimes. It is a historical fact that it was Persian King who liberated Jews from Babilonian exile and it was with Persian's money that their Jerusalem Temple was rebuilt.

Now there is no reason to hate Jews and Jews have an obligation to be friends with Iran. It was Persians who have brought the theory of equality of mankind and practiced it. A great civilization it has to resurrect for the good of the mankind.

2015-08-18    03:30

I've always loved history... and these days i've been really interested in learning about those old and mighty empires that I don't know very much about and 'i've been reading a lot about the old Persia and somehow end up reading your article about the women role in Persia through history, it was so interesting it really kept my attention and made even more curious about your history, really amazing, thank you for all the information, i'll keep reading the other tags in your site!

Please forgive my english if it happen to have mistakes.


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