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2019-11-16    06:01

WoW, great Page!

Monika Dahncke   
2019-10-25    09:46

Please, indicate who and where you are.

Sobia Mahmood   
2019-10-15    19:44

i read your article of "Historical Women" in Persia as i was researching regarding an assignment. i couldn't help but noticing your highly prejudiced and biased approach towards Islam. I was deeply disturbed by this and would suggest that you do a through research on the "status of women in Islam". there are two sides to every story, and I humbly request you to research upon reliable and unbiased resources regarding the status of women in Islam.

Ardeshir Arian   
2019-09-11    00:09

I'm so proud to see somebody did so much work and program this website. Great Work!!!!

2019-07-28    02:22

I find this website to express many hateful and inaccurate attitudes. It’s quite disappointing. The artwork is western looking and the names are all western pronunciation. It is very unclear why a site devoted to the so-called old ways chooses to depict the people as white western European. Arian does not mean white, and Iranians who continue to perpetuate that myth at participating in white supremacy. It is a sad reality and seemingly an enduring curse brought on my western colonial stereotyping.
I originally came upon this site looking for a surveyed list of the women of Iranian antiquity. What I found was a list of the Greek version of their names and French or English looking women to depict them. For a site that professes to be organically Iranian, it is awfully gharbzadah.

Cavalier Arpino   
2019-07-21    09:26

Regardless of some of the negative comments I've read here about this site, I must say that it is both highly attractive and generally informative. Thank you very much for putting together this interesting and engaging website. : )

Mahil Mehtar   
2019-06-07    23:09

Much of the content is unsourced and based on myths. The burning of library at Ctesiphon is a myth. Not to mention many of the claims about women and commanders here don't have a single primary source. If they were all destroyed, how do you know so much detail and what you say was true?

Jonathan Hecht   
2019-04-25    01:32

I happily stumbled upon this fabulous website when casually searching for examples of powerful Persian women in the classical era. I am very impressed by this site, and I will recommend it to another friend of mine who also is interested in Persian history. I have had an enduring interest in history for a long time, and was already acquainted with the rise of Persia and the “Persian Bill of Rights” as well as the first monotheist tradition of Zoroastrianism and the personages of Artemisia of Caria (both the Persian naval commander and her descendant Artemisia of Caria II who built the great Mausoleum of Mousollos.) In this beautiful and informative site has again rekindled my interest in continuing reading on the history of Persia and her peoples, and it is filled with many things I did not know. In truth I rarely believe a singular source on many things and so I am going to check on some of the claims found here, though of many I can already say they are what I have already found elsewhere. So I appreciate doubly both the new kindled interest and the roadmap of history to verify (I am a carpenter, not an historian, but classical history is a passion of mine, especially when it is not Eurocentric!)
Thank you and all the contributors to this wonderful resource. May Persepolis rise again as people like you breathe new life into the stories near lost to time and ignorance.

2019-04-24    15:56

Sample of my artwork:


2019-04-24    15:35

I am Meysam Keshavarz, Digital Artist
I reconstructed Persepolis and other monuments of Iran
Some of my old artworks on this site
Please tell me about this site, who are you and where are you?
Let me have an email to communicate , because I can send you my latest artworks that have a much better quality.
See latest sample of my artworks here:

من میثم کشاورز هستم، دیجیتال آرتیست
من تخت جمشید و بناهای تاریخی دیگر ایران رو بازسازی کردم
از بعضی ار آثار قدیمی من در این سایت استفاده کردین
لطفا در مورد این سایت و هدفتون بفرمایید و این که کی و کجا هستین
یک ایمیل به من بدین تا راه ارتباطی داشته باشیم چون من میتونم آخرین آثارم رو که کیفیت بسیار بهتری داره براتون بفرستم
نمونه آخرین کارهام رو اینجا ببینید:

Tang Chee Wah   
2019-04-01    14:00

Your explanation of the Bible also written with wrong verses (please refer to King James Version) in article 'Religious Discrimination' - Abraham God and Women, are totally wrong, miles away from the real meaning. Thank you.

2019-03-31    14:14

Thank You very much for this amazing website with amazing information and pictures. I'll advertise this website as much as I can.

2019-03-25    01:11

What a beautiful website!
Keep up the good work.

Anahita Namavar   
2019-02-08    18:34

This is a wonderful site. I have been writing and researching the women of Persian Empure for many years. This is a wonderful outlet to share the truth. I’ve even written a screenplay about that time.

Lisa Dickinson   
2019-01-21    15:18

This is fascinating. Can you recommend a good book to read on the history of Persia? I would love to eventually go on a vacation and see the various archaeological sites, but want to read up first.

2018-09-23    17:09

Well...I am not sure if I am the first Chinese to see this website. As you can see, my English is not very good. It must be admitted that I am very surprised by the news you have provided. Although there are some information I have never had contact with before. Of course, Persia, Eranshahr, Zoroastrianism, I have never had any curiosity about these nouns. When I looked to the East and west sides of Asia and Europe, the Chinese Empire and western Europe, I overlooked the same great ancient civilizations.
It must be said that I still have some doubts about some of these materials, that many exciting messages lack valid references, and that Zoroastrianism and ancient Persia have been upgraded in many ways. But in comparison with this, I would like to pay more attention to the positive impact you have given. Many young Chinese students know the history of Alexander, the Roman Empire, and the Knights of the Middle Ages, but few of them pay attention to your history. This is a great pity, so I respect very much your attempt to reinterpret your history.
I don't know anything about the political events that happened to you in the last century, but I really don't like the regime that now dominates Iran. As far as I know, the regime has reneged on their promises to rule the country by deception and high-handedness. If your message is true, and I fully understand your desire for Iran to regain freedom and "azadi," Iran should rediscover herself, not the present theocratic shroud of self-deception.
In another place I saw an article of your kind, "The flame will burn forever until we liberate Iran from the dark abyss." To be frank, I'm really curious about how the Kavi banner will be flown back in Iran, probably like seeing the Labran Cross flag hanging in constantinople?
It would be much better if you could correct some problems and attach more information sources.
Thanks again

2018-08-16    17:15

Thank you so much for providing such important information. The site is so beautifully done! It is such a shame that the story of Iran is so unknown. These are the stories that I want to share with my children. Please share how we can support your vital work.

2018-06-21    10:59

Zoroastrians were one of the earliest persecutors of other religion slaughtering Christians and also persecuting other religions as evidenced by inscriptions of clerics like Kartir.

Most people don't know that jizya was earlier a collective tax which became an individual tax based on taxes levied by Zoroastrians on Christians in Iran.

Zoroastrianism is well-known to denounce other religions as false and evil against which the good is at war. This charade of glorifying Zoroastrianism and ignoring crimes of its adherents should stop.

2018-06-21    10:45

I don't know why this website didn't check its facts before make its claims about Yazdegerd's purported letter to Omar. No manuscript photograph is given, nor as to who translated it.

The so-called letter is a known forgery (https://sites.google.com/site/persianforgery/) spread by anti-Islamic websites. If you are to criticise a religion do it with facts.

2018-06-08    04:47

Thank you for publishing this website with such important information. It educates the many Iranian men and women what is not taught to them in schools. Thank you for helping me learn more about my history and where I come from.

2018-04-30    23:03

Hi, I really enjoyed reading this website and I found it really informative. Now I know more about the history of my country, specially my ancestors. Would you please tell me from which source of information or book it has been collected. Because I want to share this information with my Iranian friends and others in order to know more about history of Persia. If I am allowed to do that please confirm.

2018-04-06    22:20

Could you please contact me so that I can get the proper information to credit your website in a footnote in a book I'm editing? You have a beautiful website, by the way. ~ Thank you for any help you can give!

2018-03-02    00:55

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We apologize for the inconvenience.

2016-10-24    22:34

I'm Iranian who is related to a native Zoroastrian on my father's side of the family. I live in Canada and western media made me feel really ashamed of my country. For years I was running away from my heritage and I almost lost sight of who I was. I also happen to be a millennial (Gen Y, to be exact).

I never realized how incredibly rich and beautiful Iranian/Persian history is. There were so many things about Iran I didn't know of, and now after going through your webpage and looking at all the artwork, I feel really proud to be from this country. I want to thank you for educating me on my heritage and reminding me of who I am.

My hope is that your website reaches to more young Iranians out there who are my age; who feel lost, alone and ashamed. I want them to see Persepolis and realize how much there is to be proud of.

2016-09-29    13:35

Hi there,

My name is Mahtab and I am a very proud highly educated Persian Woman who has been brave enough to follow her Ladies ancestries who have believed on their capabilities to create history by standing up for themselves.
I am very grateful and appreciated your hard work on creating such an amazing and informative web site.
I would like to mention that this web site means huge to me and I am so trilled that I came across it by accident.

Ba dorod va sepas,

Dr. Mahtab Lahijany

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